Adeline Margaret Lettering + Design


Learn more about Adeline Margaret Lettering + Design and its owner, designer, and creator, Addie Gerritts.


I'll try not to bore you with the details, but it all started in the spring of 2016 with a pair of blank canvases and a girl stuck in the suburbs, looking for an outlet. My cousin asked me to paint some phrases on a pair of canvases to hang in her room, and I took the challenge with no idea what I was doing. I shared a photo of the finished project months after it was completed, and requests for custom projects started rolling in from friends and family.

I reluctantly decided to make this newly emerging hobby into a "business" by posting terrible photos of other things I had made on an (admittedly sad) Etsy shop. 

I work full time as the Marketing Director of a technology and software consulting company, but this hobby-turned-side-hustle keeps my creativity alive in just about every second of free time I can find.

Questions? Collaborations? Shoot me an email!

Adeline Margaret Lettering + Design was honored to receive Wisconsin Bride magazine's Best New Calligrapher in 2018.

I'm Addie! Proudly named after my grandmothers, Anita Adeline and Margaret Ann, my business is my namesake. I'm an artsy Irish gal from small town Wisconsin living in downtown Milwaukee. At any given moment, you can catch me thinking about:

• Kelly Lake and my family
• The Green Bay Packers
• A Wisconsin whiskey old fashioned
• My family's cocker spaniel, Gus
• Our rescue kitties, Braille and Macie
• A cold beer or cheap glass of wine
• Grey's Anatomy and The Office
• My to-do list