Adeline Margaret Lettering + Design

How To



If you have ordered a vinyl decal from me as a bumper sticker for your car or for a piece of drinkware, this video shows you the steps to apply the decal to your surface. Below you will find the instructions written out step-by-step, in case you would rather follow along that way!


1.     In the spot where you are applying the decal, wipe the surface with a damp rag. Make sure the surface is completely dry when you apply the decal.

2.     Prepare the sticker for application by rubbing the top of the waxy-looking transfer tape with a credit card or other similar flat piece of plastic.

3.     Peel the waxy transfer tape away from the blue-ish backing of the sticker. If the sticker is clinging to the backing and not the transfer tape, apply pressure to the transfer paper in the spot you need to or repeat step 2. You want to be sure the entire sticker is sticking to the sticky side of the waxy transfer tape.

4.     Carefully line up and slowly place the decal on the surface. Take your time with this step; once the decal is on there, you won’t be able to peel it back off to reapply!

5.     Once the decal is placed on the surface, rub over the transfer tape with a credit card the same way you did in step 2.

6.     Slowly peel the transfer tape off at an angle.

7.     Admire your new decal!